Real Principal Reduction Mortgage Program

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There are basically only two places to get a reputable major mortgage reduction. Any other unrecognized company outside of these two places could be a scam. There are a lot of artists in the industry at work whose main goal is to get money out of their pocket and put it in them.

Here are two places for a major reduction:


  • Government Master Reduction Reduction Program
  • A major reduction program offered by your existing lender

What’s more, you don’t have to pay a loan modification company to get a major reduction on your mortgage for you. Help is available for underwater homeowners for free through the Obama Making Home Home program.

Keep in mind that mortgage companies generally will not reduce the equity of your mortgage unless your home is worth less than your existing mortgage or other extenuating circumstances.

Warning Signs The main reduction program is fraud


There is no free lunch, no free money for homeowners, no matter what a fancy site may promise you. Anyone can set up a website and make empty promises. Don’t be fooled by such deceptive tactics. Just because you find it online does not mean it is real. Here are some warning signs that a major reduction program can be a scam:

  • The company is not affiliated with your existing bank or with the government.
  • You do not recognize the company name.
  • Company address and contact information not available. There is no “contact us” button except the toll-free number.
  • There are no individual names listed as business owners or a board of directors.
  • Some websites are empty or under construction.
  • When you call someone for a toll-free number, you feel pressured and confused afterwards.
  • You do not understand how the program works. The major reduction programs are pretty easy to understand.
  • You guarantee that your existing loan will be paid in full. No company can guarantee that your existing lender participates in a major reduction program. Watch out for warranties.
  • They promise you that any type of loan and any loan amount will qualify for each program. Outsiders cannot deliver on this promise without more information from you.
  • A major downsizing company is seeking an advance deposit or down payment in exchange for negotiating or financing a new loan. Advance fee = big red flag! The only check you need to write will be to evaluate.

Check the main reduction program


If you have doubts that a major reduction program is legitimate, listen to your instincts. Your instincts will rarely lead you in the wrong direction. Here are some tips to help you determine if a company is legitimate:

  • Contact a HUD-approved home loan adviser. Click on your country, enter your city and call a free non-profit agency for advice.
  • Research the company name and read what others have to say. You’re probably not the first person to fool. People get online to report criminal behavior all the time.
  • Call a real estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyer, or tax account whom you trust and respect. Ask that person to check the main reduction company for you.

If you get confirmation that your instincts are correct, report your main reduction company to the Federal Citizens Information Center.

You can also report the company to the governing body of your estate and your state Attorney General. Don’t feel that taking additional steps to report to these companies is a laborious effort as it will help you close them to help prevent them from sacrificing others without knowing them.

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