Credit without Credit Bureau query – is there?

In Germany, more and more citizens are so in debt that they can no longer get credit with Credit Bureau information. So such groups of people are looking for a loan without Credit Bureau query. Such a loan without Credit Bureau query is often a small loan and is an alternative for people with a poor credit rating to earn money in a serious way. Another advantage is that such a loan is not registered with Credit Bureau.

So you can do whatever you want with the money, whether you want to buy new furniture, buy a car, take a vacation or take on other liabilities to pay less interest, no lender is interested in these loans. Other normal loans are mostly earmarked, which is not the case here.

When requesting a loan without a Credit Bureau query, you may not incur any upfront costs, this previous request is always free and non-binding. Costs only arise if the desired loan has been approved and completed without Credit Bureau query. But it is best to clarify in advance what costs you will incur if a contract is concluded. In addition to the interest, there are usually processing fees and agency commissions, perhaps account fees, etc. Such loans are usually offered through brokers or agencies as well as taken out and not directly with a Cream bank.

Credit from Cream banks

Credit from Cream banks

Such a loan without a Credit Bureau query runs mainly through large Cream banks and they do not collect German Credit Bureau information. You just have to prove your creditworthiness with wages or salary slips, but if you can’t prove them either, you don’t have a chance to get a loan. So people with unemployment benefit I and unemployment benefit II or basic security generally do not get a loan without a Credit Bureau query. Then such a group of people would only get a loan if they have a guarantor who can present the proof of earnings.

Internet credit

Internet credit

The borrowing rate starts at 4.83% (it depends on the credit rating) and is fixed for the entire term. The effective annual interest rate would be between 4.9 percent and 16.90 percent. Such a net loan amount could e.g. B. are between 1,000.00 USD and 100,000.00 USD and the terms are usually between 12 – 120 months. But since the conditions are very different, you should get different offers and then compare them. The best offer should then be selected and concluded. If you take a look around the Internet, you will find a lot of offers on “Loans without Credit Bureau query”.

But please take a close look, because there are certainly “crooks” and “dubious offers” – always read everything carefully, even the small print. Such loans are even offered by aution houses, but it is better to look for different providers yourself. Such loans are increasingly shown and offered on television in commercials. This also shows that interest in a loan without a Credit Bureau query is increasing.

A representative example could look like this: You get a net loan of 10,000.00 USD on the following terms – the normal interest rate would be 6.70 percent for the entire term, the effective annual interest rate would then be 9.95 percent and the contract term would be 72 months.

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